About Us

NJ Wicks is a family-run business dedicated to quality, small batch candles which wonderfully capture the memories by simple experiences, special places, or favorite times of the year. Our scents are reminiscent of each of these things!
Hand poured in our own kitchen in a small town in New Jersey, our scents are hand-picked and change seasonally. Our closest family members help in the candle making process and quality is important to us. We hope with a purchase of an NJ Wicks candle, you can appreciate the commitment put into the making of each one.
Our 8 ounce candles are the perfect size for creating a unique atmosphere in each room of your home. 
More importantly, you can breathe easy knowing that our candles are made from soy wax produced from American grown soybeans. Our wax burns longer and cleaner with minimal soot buildup. 

Teacher Turned Candle Maker!

I’ve been a teacher for 25 years and have always loved making and creating. This helps me in my everyday job, but I decided to do something that would carry over outside of work. A mom of three teenagers, I thought it was time to take time to explore a new hobby. I started making candles that wouldn’t give me headaches, since I found ordinary candles did. I did my research and chose all natural soy wax, which burns clean without pollutants. My friends and family got excited about my new endeavor and encouraged me to continue. That’s how NJ Wicks was born. The scents are inspired by living in rural, NJ but extend beyond our little state into yours as well. I hope you’ll enjoy them!


With your support, we can continue to grow and offer more products in the near future!

Enjoy shopping with NJ Wicks